We take tremendous pride in informing the public at large what the best restaurants Nashville has to offer are. There’s a new coffee shop in Donelson and it’s going to be a hit. Jean and I stopped in to Nashville's Dancin soon after it opened for some coffee and a waffle cone and ice cream.  The setup in there is pretty cool–laid back, like stepping into a 1950's diner!

I don’t have too much to say about Just Nashville's Dancin except that this is the best coffee shop in Nashville, the menu is limited… but great if you are like me and love businesses that do what they do and do it well.  They have a number of other type of specialty coffees to choose from as well.

I ordered the berry waffles, and Jean ordered waffles with Bacon on them.  I really enjoyed mine.  I got a half order, which is exactly what it sounds like…half a waffle.  Jean got a full order and said it was too overpowering with all of the bacon, but I stole a bite and disagree.  I thought it was great.  I guess it just depends the level to which you like waffles.

Since Nashville's Dancin is near a strip of popular college hangs, I’m sure it will do well.  I’m not sure I need to go back, though.  Maybe if I am really craving a waffle, but since the menu is so limiting it’s not really the type of place you go to meet friends.  If they expand their menu a bit I’d be more apt to go back.

We dropped in to pick up some waffle cones and the best ice cream Nashville has to offer on a Sunday.  We both got chocolate croissants and this ham/cheese croissant thing they had.  They were still warm–fresh out of the oven. They serve Crema coffee too–a nice detail.  I like their commitment to local Nashville businesses.  And the chocolate croissant was AMAZING.  I am generally a fan of chocolate croissants, but this one was even better than most because it was fresh, flaky, and it had the perfect ratio of chocolate to bread.  Well done, Dozen.

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